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Autor:  Bruno Kober
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/FEV/2004 8:10 PM
Assunto:  Syntatic question
Mensagem:  Just one more syntatic question.... Guys, consider this sentence: HE BROUGHT ME AN EXTREMELY OLD HOT CUP OF STRONG BLACK COFFEE. Well, let me begin. Leaving the first noun phrase (HE) and the verb phrase (BOUGHT) with its noun phrase (ME) aside, let's go over the next big noun phrase. (AN EXTREMELY OLD HOT CUP OF STRONG BLACK COFFEE) = NOUN PHRASE Structure: NP (DET / ADV / ADJ / AJD / HEAD NOUN) / PP (P / ADJ / ADJ / HEAD NOUN). Looking exactly to the whole NP, what would you consider the HEAD NOUN of the entire NP? I enquire that because my book states that it shoul bed COFFEE. well, I completely agree. But can a NOUN here (CUP) be used with an adjectival meaning? If yes, ok, that's COFFEE (since CUP is going to be a modifier). Otherwise, wouldn't this (CUP) be the HEAD NOUN of the whole thing, while COFFEE the HEAD NOUN only from the Prepositional Phrase. Well, I think I get a point here. Hope to hear from you bw Bruno / POA

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