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Autor:  Bruno
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/FEV/2004 10:08 PM
Assunto:  Re: Syntatic question
Mensagem:  Well my educated friend, I actually think that everyone has their specific interests in matters concerned with the language. Clearly,I'm interested in grammar above all. I totally agree on you when you state that we should master the language in its linguistic aspects. Swear I couldn't agree more. However, I restate that I have my foremost interest, and I go after that as deeply as I can. I sincerely think as well that if can barely answer my questions, we don't share the same interests over the language. Well, again, nobody is likely to be biased for one aspect rather than the other, but I have chosen what I want to work with. I've been thinking about developing a method of studying grammar in a costrasted way, but it doesn't seem to appeal for you. That's what my studies have been about. Well, my former questions is still valid. If somebody can simply, just, only answer it, I'd be very glad. Of course, other kinds of comments will be nice as well. Sorry, guys, if my questions are too dumb. That's not my main purpose. Thanks anyway. Bruno / POA Anyway

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