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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/FEV/2009 9:29 PM
Assunto:  Slender vs Slim.

 Don´t know for certain, Henry.

 Firstly, the Longman says so.

 The second  reason is, I searched the Web (Forums and stuff) and there are no agreement about the subject.  But all that I saw/read points to the fact that SLIM  seems more atractive/popular.

   In one Forum, somebody says that Slender have more to do genetics and slim more to do exercises/diets etc.

   In other... see for yourself:


I'd say that if you can readily see a persons bones through their skin- they're dangerously thin & need to see a physician. A slender (or natually thin) person who's heathy but otherwise lacking in curves- is probably just genetically predisposed to be that way.

If you can see each lumbar of their spine, that's considered "skinny/bony". It's unhealthy, but it seems to be a popular state. If you are considered "slim/slender", you are likely an active person, many people in this state like to exercise or play sports.


And also there´s an important thing.  English language favor the English words, to their

"abroad" counterpart (let´s say, Latin, French, etc).  If there are two words to the same thing likely the English is preffered to e.g. its French counterpart.


Thus Slim Origin:
1650–60; < D slim sly, (earlier) crooked (c. G schlimm bad, (earlier) crooked)   



Slender is from French origin.

Imagine which one would be the favored? 

Anyway, it is in theory,  from the knowledge of English story.



Apart from all this, we can see for instance, that in Dictionary.com there are 9 hits to slender and 5 to slender (but,it may be a coincidence).

Well, Henry I´ll let it at that, the linguist from Longman may know best.


See you around.  PP


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