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Autor:  oneguinho
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/FEV/2004 10:57 PM
Assunto:  Re: Dúvida de Tradução
Mensagem:  Joyce, nice choice. Before going ahead with a straightfoward translation, with Joyce you'd better be sure of what he's saying first. FOr example, I have no idea what the "white arms of roads" refer to. It's not conjuring up any images, whereas the black arms of tall ships is easy: the mast yardarms seen at night. So travel is one obvious theme. Using the rest of the selection helps: "They are held out to say: We are alone-come. And the voices say with them: We are your kinsmen. And the air is thick with their company as they call to me, their kinsman, making ready to go, shaking the wings of their exultant and terrible youth." So he's talking about Irishmen, his kinsmen, and emigration, given the Irish and their history, is a pretty good choice for theme. The young emigrate. The contrast of white and black arms is the most interesting and intriguing part in my opinion. Good luck!

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