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Autor:  m rob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/FEV/2004 4:39 AM
Assunto:  Re: pergunta p/ o par: Franky
Mensagem:  “Yo Rob, It seems like we are just cyber slackers trying to escape boredom by insulting each other. What's your point anyway?” Hi Francisco My interest is language accuracy and use – interpretation thereof. Your comments are severe and cutting – I accept your right to have your say. (If I were as bad as you imply the list managers would have given me the flick ages ago – God knows I provoked!) ”Who gives the hell (to) what you think or say?” Perhaps no one … so be it ”I was just testing oneguinho's expertise and then you interfered with your smartaleck's wisdom.” It’s a public forum – seems inconsistent to argue ‘invasion of privacy’ – the direction of a comment at someone does not exclude response from others – I thought your comment was unfair and misconceived – I came to a fellow-poster’s defence ”I don't even care if some black dude somewhere decided to make up some word - and if the guy thiks trues is plural for true good for him. Did you know God is white?” Um .. not sure either way … or otherwise as the case may be ”If he were black he'd say in the Bible "I iz whate I iz" “ I’ll take Your word for it – (He?) ”But just because you claim to be a native speaker it does't mean that you know it all, unless you're a know-it-all yourself.” Never thought I knew it all – I apologise if I gave the impression that I did ”Hang in there man and don't you blow it next time. As matter of fact, if you'd rather blow, blow as you please, but don't swallow OK Francisco” I’ll take your advice and hang in there. Looks like I’ll just have to take it ‘on the chin’ (as they say). No hard feelings – very sharp post Francisco – good theatre – at my expense but it’s well and truly overdue Andiamo avanti Amico Michael R

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