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Autor:  Isabel
E-mail:  panck@sapo.pt
Data:  28/DEZ/2002 3:10 AM
Assunto:  Re: Intercâmbio
Mensagem:  thank you for your advice, that will be very useful to me. have you ever been in America? what do you think about it? i just love everything that has to do with USA...i love big cities like New York and one of the things that i love the most is English. on my second year learning english, i discovered that i didn't have any problems with English, i had started to listen American music and to see American movies..thanks to all that, i almost speak perfect English. however...i do hate one thing in the middle of all this...the English man! his accent is awful!! i really hate that.. since my second year of English i always have the highest mark possible (muito bom). i've reached to a level where i have better marks than my English friend.. i know that i don't speak perfect English, and that's why i want to take English classes in America. thanks for your help.. be good Isabel

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