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Autor:  Gabriel
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/FEV/2004 2:47 PM
Assunto:  Re: Aprender Inglês
Mensagem:  Hi,

I have been studying english for quite a long period of time (over 10 years) in an English learning centre. I would also use the internet facilities to improve my level as well as watch movies and news in English to improve my listening. I considered myself with a "good" level of English until I moved to London. What I can say to you is that no matter how much you study English within Brazil you will never acquire a good level of fluency in English if you do not live in an English-speaking country for some time. You do can learn a lot by using internet or any other facilities available out there, however, it is completely different when you have to deal with English on a daily basis.

I have been learning a lot more since I moved up here. In my humble point of view it is of paramount importance to live abroad in order to have a "solid" (if you like) level of English.

Nevertheless, it is just an opinion from someone who never study language learning and acquisition at a deep level.

I bet my mates from this forum can give you a better advice on this matter and please correct if I am wrong.

Best regards...


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