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Autor:  mjd
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/FEV/2004 5:29 AM
Assunto:  Re: Listening
Mensagem:  Watch the movie with the subtitles and then go back and watch it without them. This way you'll be able to follow what is going on in the story (since you've already watched it) and you can pay more attention to the dialogue the second time around. Movies are excellent for learning expressions, slang, etc. Watch news broadcasts (CNN, BBC...whatever dialect of English you're going for). Reporters tend to speak very clearly and it's easy to get the gist of what is going on in the story. This can help expand one's vocabulary. As a student of Portuguese, I often watch the RTP news (Portugal) online. I used to watch TV Globo "telejornal" as well, but unfortunately the news clips are no longer free.

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