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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  25/MAR/2009 6:29 PM
Assunto:  Helping

What a night (I had)!

When I got home, I took an ice cold shower, then I had dinner. First, however, I went to see what I had to eat (what there was to eat). I saw some very tasty things. Inside the pots there were pan-fried sausages with tailflowers (What are tailflowers?), rice and beans, and bread. (Is that correct?  What was bread doing inside a pot/pan?)  According to my mother, it is all good food. Like she says, we don’t have to eat a lot of junk food. As a matter of fact, (I'd suggest "She was right;" or "In fact,") the food was delicious, especially the sausages. I studied English a little bit in order to improve my knowledge of it, and then I went to sleep.

a) I changed "pans" to "pots" to keep from repeating the word.
b) Could "tailflowers" be "cauliflower"?  I am eager to see a photo of this flower/food called taiflower.  I've never heard of it, and that is why I think it may be a typographical error.
c) What you wrote about bread doesn't make sense to me.  I would not expect to find bread in a pot or pan.
d) In Portuguese "arroz com feijao" makes sense, but in English we prefer "rice and beans".
e) Note how I changed the last sentence.  Your study of English is not going to improve English, but it may improve your knowledge of it.  Do you understand?  And you would study English a little bit, not study a little bit of English.

Keep up the good work!

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