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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/FEV/2004 7:23 PM
Assunto:  Re: Como descobrir a entonacao?
Mensagem:  It's interesting to read about the problems people have understanding how others speak. I have trouble understanding when some people speak. They swallow letters, they mumble words, they use bad grammar, they ramble on and on, etc. I immediately put the person into a category. Should I pay attention? Is it important for me to understand what they are saying? Should I ask them to repeat? Is English their first language? And so on. I have met many Brazilians who don't speak perfect English. They still were able to communicate. I mean it's not like when an Italian speaks on the same level and someone has tied his hands. Facial expressions, the sitution, the desire to understand the speaker and other variables have a bearing on my ability to understand. Remember, sometimes the listener doesn't want to understand. When I meet a Brazilian who wants to speak English I always have an open mind. I know that the various school systems in Brazil produce graduates with varying skill levels. So do our schools. There is only one test of pronunciation I mentally give anyone from Brazil. I wait until I hear them say the words "jumped" or "looked" and I know whether or not they had a good teacher. I won't explain why. The better teachers and students will know why. Bottom line: we don't speak prefectly and we sure can't expect anyone learning our language to speak perfectly. Having said that, it doesn't make sense to learn a language unless you learn it to the best of your ability. Learn a little well and then build on that. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. I know a lady from the USA who went to a Portuguese language school in the state of California. She learned a lot of grammar and built up a large vocabulary. What she needed was practice. She and her husband moved to Rio de Janeiro. They were so happy to be able to understand and communicate. Of course they wanted to see everything and do everything. It was right about this time of the year. So, I agreed to take them to the Clube de Subtenentes e Sargentos do Exercito for a night of samba and Brahma. We got there around eleven at night. Things were starting to warm up. The salgadinhos were fantastic and the beer was almost frozen. The band was playing their hearts out. We danced and had a good time. At one point this lady, a really good looking blond, became very interested in the musicians and their instruments. She especially liked the cuica. The guy playing the cuica was probably all muscle and looked like he weighed about 100 kilos. He was about the same skin tone as Saci-Pererê and had a huge smile. Despite the loud music I was able to understand her question about the cuica and tell her what makes it squeak. Well, while everyone was dancing (pulando) she made her way over towards the band and asked the buy with the cuica a question. Now, do you know anything about bad luck? How about this: just as she asked her question the music stopped (it was the end of the song) and the room became very quiet. People were going back to their tables for a cold beer. In a voice that would be okay with the band playing, but too loud for no band, she asked the guy in perfectly good Portuguese "Sir, what do you have in your cueca?" I swear her language skills improved a thousand percent over the next few months because she knew she would never again make a really bad mistake. We live and we learn, Tom

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