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Autor:  João Barros
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/FEV/2004 9:24 PM
Assunto:  Re: Como descobrir a entonacao?
Mensagem:  Tom, I've had great teachers, the problem is that I was somewhat dumb. Man, I must tell you that finding the right way to pronounce ED sounds after D, K, N, P, T have been a life long quest for me, and I still haven't learned it right... I wonder if I ever will ... Do you have any solution for me? neeDed looKed learNed jumPed wanted Talking about if some piece of information is important or not I've come across some terrible memory I still carry on from the past. It was back in 1991, I was an assistant to this company where I used to work, and word came from the U.S. that we would be receiving a group of american visitors. I talked to the lady who informed our company about their visit, and she told me that they would arrive in Brazil on the 28 - so I thought. Sadly, for my surprise they arrived on the 20th, and they sat at the international airport of Guarulhos in SP for six years and nobody showed up to pick them up. Embarrassing ... you tell me ... I wanted to hide away ... I was only 20 then and felt really sorry for myself and hated my teachers who didn't enphasize ordinal numbers as they should have. It was then when (after attending school for 5 years) that I learned that in English people use ordinal numbers for every day of the month, not only for the 1st day of the month as we do in Brazil. When the lady on the other end said the american visitors would arrive on the 20th I thought she was saying the twenty-eight, and not the twentIETH. For me at that time the twentIETH sounded just like a 28. Luckly I wasn't fired and my boss put up with that gap. I've learned that we should ask when we don't know. And now faxes and internet connections are everywhere bringing situations like the one I had to a minimum. But anyway, do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my EDs after regular verbs? João Barros.

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