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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/ABR/2009 9:30 PM
Assunto:  Liason

1. A usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship.
2. A channel for communication between groups; "he provided a liaison with the guerrillas".


Synonyms: Liaison
Synonyms: affair (n), affaire (n), amour (n), contact (n), inter-group communication (n), intimacy (n), involvement (n), link (n). (additional references)



Synonyms within Context: Liaison
Context Synonyms within Context (source: adapted from Roget's Thesaurus).   
Impurity Incontinence, intrigue, faux pas; amour, amourette; gallantry; debauchery, libertinish, libertinage, fornication; liaison; wenching, venery, dissipation.   



Non-English Usage: "Liaison" is also a word in the following languages with English translations in parentheses.
French (affair, bind, bond, fasten, liaison, ligate, ligature, link, nexus, slur, tie), German (affair, liaison).

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