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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  05/ABR/2009 3:50 PM
Assunto:  For the record


" ...the word "outlet" in the USA is associated with a store owned by a factory that is selling a portion of its merchandise in the store.  Often the merchandise has been discontinued or replaced by newer models, in an unpopular color, out of season (winter shoes in the summer), etc.  Whatever the reason, it is not selling well in the usual retail stores."   

     Also true in Brazil, but there are the products that are scratched or have minor imperfections that don´t jeopardize the functioning of the device/product. 



 " There are shopping centers that specialize in outlets. "

    As a corruption of this, there are even malls (here they call it "shoppings") that are named outlets (instead of the stores). It seems that the very fact that the mall being placed in a more, say, humble neighbourhood is a possible reason to be called an outlet. True, that in such malls, the prices are way less expensive than that in the posh ones.   Thus in a neighbourhood like Nova Iguaçu -RJ, famous brands like, e.g. Nike, Mizuno etc can be sold for a fraction of the price of a mall in Barra, Ilha do Governador or Copacabana.  I am not talking about fake products, piracy, or something like that. Is the real Mcoy that is sold there.


Maybe these retail stores/malls have such success because well-off people don´t want to be seen in a more humble "barrio".   So, in this country the outlet stores also are not in direct competition with the same "brand" stores in downtown and more fancy areas of cities, but for a different  reason.



  And last, but not the least.  The product itself, can be called "ponta de estoque" in the very usual store.  When it is sold at a discount price, generally because it has some imperfection, as I said.

   This is more common in bigger states like Rio and Sao Paulo, for example.

   In the northeast regions this is not so commom, they preffer having the product docked for centuries at the shelves until it doesn´t works anymore than having to give some discount.  Or it seems, generally.

   As for the south part, I can´t talk for them, comments are welcome.





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