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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/ABR/2009 12:04 AM
Assunto:  Ask for/about

Márcio asked for Dale's research on/about rocket science. = ok
Marcio asked about Valeska´s last  research. = ok

I must admit that I made a typo, or even a mistake here, maybe because I had a tiresome day, with so much work!    It´s not an excuse (or maybe it is a lame one).  I am indebted to Dale for not let it go unchecked.  We welcome accuraccy, we want our writting the as closest as possible to the standard English, of course.


  As for, 'to ask for (something) ', I have seen this form in several places, sites etc; though, in dictionaries it´s registered in the following ways:

   ask for - pedir

    it´s just asking for it (or trouble) - é procurar encrenca.  

Perhaps the following examples are derivations of the latter...


Is Nick Saban to blame for this latest violation? - CBSSports.com ... - [ Traduzir esta
 página ]6 Mar 2009
 You got what you asked for! This is only the beginning of the downfall of Alabama .



Batman Begins - [ Traduzir esta página ]You asked for this sh*t! Me: I know but...
Hollywood Goon: We even got one of dem candyass arthouse directors to smarten shi*  up! ...


Fight Everyone - Up Against the World Lyrics - notPopular.com - [ Traduzir esta página ]
Is this what you asked for? This is what you asked for. See what you've done, from all your  faults. Your time is up, our time has come.


I was complaining, whining, and crying for five,six, maybe seven minutes or so. I whined and
 com-plained and whined some more. (I figured I wasbound to get a company car out of this or
 some-thing.) The whole time I was complaining, my bosswas just staring at me, waiting for me
 to finish.I finally ran myself down and stopped. Helooked at me for a few seconds and said,
 “Carl, areyou finished?” I said, “Yeah, I’m finished.” “Good,”he said, “because I want to
 remind you of some-thing.” And I said, “Yeah, what?”“Carl,” he said, “you asked for this job,
 remember?You sat here, in this office, and went into detail abouthow tough this job was going
 to be and why you werethe only person I should select. You practically begged me for this job.





And there is the very fact that I said 'sometimes', not always.

However, the subject is open to discussion and interpretation.

Hugs, PP.

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