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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/ABR/2009 7:04 PM
Assunto:  Preposições

Por que em alguns casos as preposições em inglês ficam omitidas como em  homemade

(feito em casa), ryebread (pão de centeio) e em outros casos elas surgem como em source of fiber (fonte de fibras), como explicar isto gramaticalmente? 

   Sounds like you are making a confusion here.   When you say that prepositions in English left out, and then you give the word in Portuguese.

   Now, the grammar bit.

   You can use 'of '     "to what something is madre from":

 A dress of pure silk

 These bowls are made of plastic.


Source and examples:  Longman Dictionary.



     There are other rule of thumb, that says:    a noun before another 'adjective' it (the latter). Thus, I think that in most cases you can use both, 'of' or a noun before the other.

      e.g. A plastic ball or a ball of plastic.

             A source of fiber or   a fiber source.



      However, there are plenty of examples that is more natural to use one only one form or another.  For instance, you better say 'ryebread' than bread of rye. I think it´s more natural in this case.


      As for 'homemade', you got confused with the portuguese form 'feito em casa' (the preposition is only in portuguese (hence the confusion).


       I hope it helps, and hope others improve the answer (it is a rough diamond, or even a rough stone!).

       See you again.





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