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Autor:  Bruno
E-mail:  bkober@terra.com.br
Data:  19/FEV/2004 3:08 PM
Assunto:  translation
Mensagem:  Hey guys.. what's up? i've been having a hard time trying to understanding and get across the meaning of this expression, which a student of mine has asked me about. i guess it's from a song by SPICE GIRLS. i only know they're English (?). there it goes: SLAM YOUR BODY DOWN AND WIND IT ALL AROUND. What on earth do they want to convey? thanx a lot bruno / poa

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 English Made in Brazil -- English, Portuguese, & contrastive linguistics
 translation  –  Bruno  19/FEV/2004, 3:08 PM
Re: translation  –  Paulo Almeida  19/FEV/2004, 3:27 PM

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