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Autor:  CR
E-mail:  crs@sbcuc.net
Data:  26/ABR/2009 2:36 PM
Assunto:  There´s many book

Contractions like  —  I am -> I'm  —  you are -> you're  —  she is -> she's  —  and hundred others appeared to smooth out speech, they should not even be used in writing, although I know they are.


If you think that saying   "there're"  clearly and am·bigu·ous·ly is better than "there are",  fine.  Say it slowly though, so people will understand you; but by then you'll find yourself saying "there are"...


Back to writing, in this day of twittering, instant messaging, and cell phone texting, written language is going to hell in a handbasket!  So I guess anything goes.  Th're many ways 2 abbrevi8 wrt'ng.  So, I figure, why bother with the finer points of grammar?!?!?






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