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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  11/MAI/2009 4:17 PM
Assunto:  Provérbio


There are plenty of sayings that go, to convey the idea that there's not much you can do on an empty stomach!

The more usual ones, I boldened.  But it is interesting to see how the subject developed, in separately ways, in several countries and times.


An empty STOMACH is not a good political adviser.


"An army travels on its stomach"


African proverb  at     http://www.crvp.org/book/Series02/II-1/chapter_ix.htm
one cannot blow a horn on an empty stomach. (Yede ayaase na ehyen aben.)

An empty stomach has no ears


www.munseys.com/diskseven/prosodex.htm   (scotish proverbs)
A full stomach makes a man walk erectly.



Quotes for the Air Force Logistician Volume 1_Dec06    (a Collection in the web)
The soup makes the soldier
-French Proverb-

The stomach carries the feet.
-Miguel de Cervantes-

An army marches in its stomach.
-Napoleon Bonaparte-



An empty stomach cannot reason.       Old Calabrian (in Italy) proverb.
(Satriani & Spezzano quoted in [Vito] Teti   - 1995)


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   It´s worth notice that "An empty stomach has no ears." is more of a justification to one do what he do.  A socio-economicic justifying of sorts, example to justify piracy in the African seas, you could use this one.

   Thus, it has a slightly different ring.


    And, in America do as Americans do, use the boldened ones.


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