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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/FEV/2004 2:55 PM
Assunto:  Answer to João
I don’t know the etymology or pronunciation keys for these words. A true English teacher would know them.

However, here is what I say:

Needed nee dead

Looked lookt the t sound is sort of like the t in otimo. The tongue is up on the front part of the mouth and drawn back quickly. Say look (slight pause) and then T.

Jumped jumpt same t sound. There is no ed sound, it’s more like a t. Say jump (slight pause) T.

Wanted Whan Ted The ted part is just like the guy’s name (Ted from Theodore).

I think the two biggest problem words are looked and jumped. Once those are mastered the rest come easily, Tom

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