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Autor:  Ogel
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/MAI/2009 4:06 AM
Assunto:  tense / aspect

Yes Jose … I see your point … and it may be that the matter is more suited for presentation to intermediate and above students … but


Standard ESL and EFL teaching of the English verb is very messy.  A list of uses and exceptions are identified for a long list of so-called tenses and the whole system appears random and disorganised.  The system makes no sense.  No reason is attached to any particular use or exception.  The mess presented to students causes confusion and delays the pace of learning. 


It is an intellectually stunted and impoverished structure and reflects badly upon the English language itself (and of course those who claim remuneration for ‘teaching’ it).

The need for a simple, consistent, intellectually defensible presentation of the subject matter thus arises.


This is where it becomes necessary to present a consistent and simple structure to students, even if at first some of the terminology appears challenging.  Keep in mind that the existing presentation is in fact far more difficult to learn because of all the exceptions and inconsistencies and its overall stochastic quality.


Some say it also bolsters the status of the teacher if they are able to work with a structure that, while perhaps at first appearing more difficult, is in fact more simple.

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