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Autor:  Márcio Farias
E-mail:  marcio_osorio@oi.com.br
Data:  21/MAI/2009 12:19 PM
Assunto:  Transitory acts

We're unfamiliar with the expressions 'transit/vehicle code(s)' and with what is being referred to by use of these terms.


<<Are you referring to road rules (speed limits; school zones etc)?


Are you referring to rules relating to vehicle permits and registration of vehicles? (the mechanical and engineering quality of vehicles? Expert certificates of roadworthiness? the type of vehicles that are able to be registered and driven on public roads? Presence of rust, condition of tyres, functioning indicators etc>>

I wish I would have elaborated on what so-called motor vehicle (or transit) codes do for society. At least as clearly, naturally and natively as only a native speaker or mother tongue user of English can. I took motor vehicle codes for granted, though. Motor vehicle codes do just what you've just told me above.


<<Does this relate to rules applying on public transport systems - Trains? Trams? Buses?>>

Since most but not all trains, trams, buses usually have or depend on a fuel-powered, piston-explosion motor or machine component to run, then yes, it does.

<<As with so many aspects of English language usage what seems immediately apparent and self-explanatory in one context or geographical area is obscure and opaque in another sphere of use.>>

I admittedly took vehicle codes for granted as I told you before. If not, what to make of F-1 race cars? Do these carry great numbers of hand-rubbing commuters waiting for the day they will arrive at work but fly away again?

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