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Autor:  Dale-CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  21/MAI/2009 8:37 PM
Assunto:  "teacher"
Mensagem:  You would not expect a student in a school classroom in the USA to call a teacher "teacher" unless the student is quite young and does not know the teacher's name.  Such would be the case of a new student in the classroom.  The usual form of address is Miss Jones, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Brown, etc.  If the surname is not being used, then the student says "sir" or "ma'am."  ("Do you want our homework now or at the end of the period, sir/ma'am?")  Possibly someone, somewhere insists on being called "Ms. White".  Possibly.

One exception that comes to mind is the physical education teacher who is routinely called "coach".  "May I speak to you for a moment, coach?"  "Did you see Coach Williams this morning?" 

For the longest time, my high school coach thought my name was "Damnyou Thomas."  I was too afraid to correct the mistake.

At the university level, some educators want to be called professor, doctor, Mr. Grey, Miss Sullivan, etc.  This is usually made clear during the first session.  Others request that students call them by their first names.  And at the university level, some educators will be quite formal with their students (Mr. Smith, Mrs. O'Leary, etc.), while others will use the student's first name.  As they say in the First Law of Sociology, "Some do, some don't."

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