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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/MAI/2009 8:24 PM
Assunto:  Pescador que lutava contra obra da Petrobrás é m



   I don´t know pretty well what happened, but it somewhat stinks.

   To me, every time some project takes a life to be implemented, as a way of removing resistence; don´t matter what it should be cancelled on spot.

   Not this one, exactly, I mean all of them.

   For example, I learned of an Indian Chief (in a certain state) was found shot, the government went imediately into the case, all types of police went into the case. The hand that pressed the trigger is unknown up to now, but you know, indians versus sugar cane producers are always in different sides; so the government intervenes  (rightly so).

   Why then a fisherman deserves a different fate? not that I know if he is right or no, but this kind of happening deserves investigation, at least I think so. My humble opinion.

    In this country, when a big company want a thing they try "rid" of resistence (I don´t think it is the case in point now, that one wouldn´t need of such tricks...)

    But, on the other hand, whatever plans the bad guys had, they would gain something with this; so, first thing would change the motivation of them. How about put the entire project to another state, for example RS, PR, MG or some adjacent state.

    Or the bad guys would shot down the whole population, then?

     Again, not taking sides, but events like this must be investigated, if the fallen guy is wrong or not, the truth is out there.



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