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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/MAI/2009 3:21 PM
Assunto:  Speaking of searches...

    The last for today on the search topic, did you notice that I was in search mode today? he he.


    To see Google just like it is seen in some different countries, to the just-arrived in Brazil and is missing Google like it is back home.  And just out of curiosity for our Brazilian readers.






  English learning is going to like this?



Speak Up s’adresse majoritairement aux 18-35 ans : aux étudiants, lycéens,
 jeunes diplômés et jeunes actifs, souhaitant perfectionner leur anglais ;
 et aux professeurs d’anglais qui peuvent utiliser le magazine et le CD comme
 support de cours.


With two "reader-friendly" archives, and one needs sending personal data, I´m sorry
it´s not my cup of tea, Italian buddies. Who comes next?

The News part is twitter-like, I mean, twitter gives you a 140 characters-space, for sen
ding your message.  I have never seen Speak Up so terse, is that what we can expect soon
in the Brazil´s homepage? Hmm...!



    The more I come to this site and Forum, the more I get proud of  him.  Greed is one of the most hateful traits of the human being, specially of these elitist crowd that don´t appear in the flesh.  But it shows, even if it is well hiden within a beautiful cover.  BBC English learning went under such attacks and thanks god it stand up to this day (God knows how much in-fight happened there, I didn´t see in flesh, but I can feel it.)   Now this.

    Well, no entrepeneurship survive without the monies, but they could at least try some balance between free vs paid stuff, like The Economist and others on-line publications.







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