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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/JUN/2009 3:31 PM
Assunto:  Contramão

  You got it right, Dale. 

   Eu tenho um amigo que mora em um bairro que é muito contramão.

   I have a friend that lives in a neighbourhood that is very difficult to go/reach/get at.


   It might be ´cause you need to take two buses, after that get a train, and then to cross a river in a barge. And after that ride a horse to get there.


   Or because it is time-consuming (and maybe counter-productive), say, in Brazil you might need to go to Recife-PE (see in the map) and you are in João Pessoa-PB.  But to saving some bucks you decide to board a red-eyed flight. Thus, your plane departs at 02:30h. sharp and you fly to Brazilia; then to Rio Grande, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife at last. You saved some bucks but your spent some 8 hours flying (if one these stops don´t delay a bit), so going from PB to Recife red-eye flight is a "tremenda contramão'' (enourmous waste, since you can get there in two hours, by car or by bus).


   Contramão - they say it usually talking about somebody´s living far away, and this is a valid excuse, I mean, the distance or difficulty to get a bus to get there.  With a certain reason (sometimes you live near your friend, some 2 or 3 miles away, 5 minutes by car. But buses circulate the whole city before you can spot his/her street.

    The gist of all that is, you go to the opposite direction, and then go back to the point.

    That´s Brazil, they say.



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