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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/FEV/2004 12:12 AM
Assunto:  What a Mormon wrote to me
Mensagem:  I'm really excited about João going to Brigham Young University and the possibility of his getting a scholarship for graduate school. I have friends who are members of the Church Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). One of them is a very close friend. I have known him for years and we have close ties. He went to graduate school in Utah about ten years ago. He is now in a year long management/leadership course at Tufts University in Boston on a fully funded scholarship with full salary, housing allowances, etc. It is both a reward for the good work he has done for his employer and an investment in him by the employer. When his course finishes in two months he will go back to full time work but in an upper management position. Anyhow, I asked him to give me some information about Brigham Young and the internet usage. Here is what he wrote back: QUOTE To: Tom Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 7:35 PM Subject: Re: How about them Mormons? Hello Tom, Brigham Young University has an outstanding web site www.byu.edu that answers many questions that people have about the Mormons and about attendance at BYU. There is also a great website at www.mormons.org that can answer many questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brigham Young University is a private university owned entirely by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The mission of Brigham Young University--founded, supported, and guided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life. That assistance should provide a period of intensive learning in a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued. All instruction, programs, and services at BYU, including a wide variety of extracurricular experiences, should make their own contribution toward the balanced development of the total person. Such a broadly prepared individual will not only be capable of meeting personal challenge and change but will also bring strength to others in the tasks of home and family life, social relationships, civic duty, and service to mankind. To succeed in this mission the university must provide an environment enlightened by living prophets and sustained by those moral virtues which characterize the life and teachings of the Son of God. In that environment these four major educational goals should prevail: All students at BYU should be taught the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Any education is inadequate which does not emphasize that His is the only name given under heaven whereby mankind can be saved. Certainly all relationships within the BYU community should reflect devout love of God and a loving, genuine concern for the welfare of our neighbor. Because the gospel encourages the pursuit of all truth, students at BYU should receive a broad university education. The arts, letters, and sciences provide the core of such an education, which will help students think clearly, communicate effectively, understand important ideas in their own cultural tradition as well as that of others, and establish clear standards of intellectual integrity. In addition to a strong general education, students should also receive instruction in the special fields of their choice. The university cannot provide programs in all possible areas of professional or vocational work, but in those it does provide the preparation must be excellent. Students who graduate from BYU should be capable of competing with the best in their fields. Scholarly research and creative endeavor among both faculty and students, including those in selected graduate programs of real consequence, are essential and will be encouraged. (BYU Mission Statement) Tithing money supports the university from faithful latter-day saints around the world. Therefore, there are several peculiarities to the university that someone not of our faith may find strange. First, there are differences in tuition. A latter-day saint will pay much less than someone not of our faith. This is because of tithing dollars. The Church assumes that the family is paying their tithing and, therefore, subsidizes the tuition so that the out of pocket tuition cost is much less. But, this is no different than state colleges charging in-state and out-of-state tuition. Second, ever student, whether a latter-day saint or not, must sign an agreement that they will abide by the Honor Code of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This means that, besides not cheating, bearing false witness, lieing, or stealing, or tolerating those who do, the student must also agree to abide by our particular commandments. Specifically problematic for people who are not of our faith: The student agrees to live the Word of Wisdom. They will not use tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, coffee or tea. The student agrees to live the Law of Chastity, which is they will have no sexual relations with anyone except with their husband or wife to whom they are legally and lawfully wedded. This means abstinence before marriage and complete fidelity after marriage. Dress and grooming standards. The student agrees to abide by the dress and grooming standards of the Church Educational System. People who promise to abide by these rules and subsequently break them are subject to expulsion. This includes latter-day saints. They are stringent rules, but they are the same for everybody. Further information about the BYU Honor Code can be found at: ://campuslife.byu.edu/HONORCODE/honor_code.htm You are correct that the BYU internet service is extremely filtered and monitored. Actually, no different than what I have had in the workplace and no different than what I have access to at Tufts University now. That being said, all students have the freedom to use it or to use some other ISP such as Prodigy or AT&T Worldnet or Earthlink or Comcast, (you get the picture). I use Tufts for many things while at the University. I use Comcast while at home. That's a no brainer. It takes a special kind of person to attend BYU. They must be willing to live like a latter-day saint, except for paying tithing and for Church attendance. It is not for everyone. It is not even for all latter-day saints. In recent years, the Church has had to turn away thousands of latter-day saints. There just isn't enough room to teach everyone that desires to attend. Also, less and less people who are not of our faith are willing to abide by the stringent standards of the Church. They are still very welcome, but the reality is that BYU admission is extremely competitive, probably even more than some of the more prestigious schools in the country. I hope that this helps. I appreciate your desire to present fairness to the debate. You are a good man and a good friend. May God Bless You in all of your endeavors. Chris UNQUOTE So, the bottom line is that BYU has strict rules and they don't have room for all of the people who apply. João is trying to get into graduate school and probably has an excellent chance of being accepted. After all, the mission of the school is to educate people from all over the world. He will have to abide by their rules while he is a student. That's not hard to do. In fact, it's sort of easy when you realize that the school is a place to study and not to party.

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