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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/JUN/2009 2:44 AM
Assunto:  Frase

 Reversing things then...

 Our doubts are betraying and make us lose what we otherwise could win.


 Nossas dúvidas são traidoras e nos fazem perder o que de outro modo podíamos ganhar.

(o 'de outro modo', poderia não estar na versão portuguesa, acho que a omissão não faria perder o sentido.  Em inglês, considero um bom enfatizador).


  Context wasn´t provided, so I did think of 'dúvidas' like the right/wrong choice process in a test, for example.  If I had fully studied the subject, doubts like that would not come up.  I would score the entire test.  Hence, such doubt is product of my not studying. A   factor that could be controlled, kind of.



   In another context, though. It could be regarded as "hesitação'' (o "nervoso" que dá nas pessoas de tomar decisão, uma antecipação negativa e ansiosa).

    In this sense, I would change the sentence to:

    Our hesitation/edginess is self-defeating  and make us lose what we, otherwise could win.


    Slight difference, if any, but I think that the evil is in the details.



    I hope it is clearer now, and that I am right.     But if I am not, our more advanced buddies will throw some more light on the subject, improving or changing the whole stuff.  Let´s wait then.



   Note that on your cue, I leave the comma out from the first sentence.





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