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Autor:  Cleber
E-mail:  shakespy@hotmail.com
Data:  24/FEV/2004 3:59 AM
Assunto:  Prepositions.
Mensagem:  Hi folks, first of all, I want to thank Ricardo the webmaster of this site for his exceptional work, well that's my first message here, and it's good to know you all, so my question is quite basic. For example,,, i'll write in portuguese for a moment.. hehehe "Eu preciso de algo." Na frase acima o verbo precisar rege a preposição de, pois bem voltando ao inglês... In english there's another problem, coz the nouns need the right preposition like "on tv" "on internet" "in films", my question is exactly about it, Well I was talking to an american friend of mine, and i was talking about it, and the subject was prepositions too, well I was telling her, that i heard in a music the expression "in bed", and i get confused, and she explained me that in bed is used when we are doing something on it, like "love", and on bed is used when we are sleeping, there's another doubt coz i heard peoples saying "On the middle of the street" and "in the middle of the street" well I know that there are rules for these prepositions "in" "on" and "at", but you all know,,, it is not so easily to deduce what is used, well, and there's other prepositions too which may cause problems. Is there any book or dicionary about it, or site how has a list of prepositions errors or regency common mistakes, coz i have a portuguese regency dicionary and it helps me a lot when i'm in doubt about what to use. I hope you could help me,,, heartily Cleber

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