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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  20/JUN/2009 1:59 AM
Assunto:  Conselho Tutelar-Guardianship Council.



16. In adoption cases the court heard all children aged 12 or over and, in certain cases, children aged under 12 if they objected to the adoption and were considered capable of giving a reasonable and objective opinion. The Guardianship Council had an important advisory role, notably submitting a report in cases where a child was to be placed in an institution. All children were heard and their views taken into account in that report; they also had the right to call a special hearing before the final decision and to put additional objections to the court and the Guardianship Council.

17. Funding had been requested from the European Union for a youth development programme that included training in listening to children for field staff, including volunteers. Similar training was also being provided to members of the Guardianship Council and a government task force had been established to train police and social workers to listen to children in the specific areas of domestic violence and victim care.


Children on the streets of the Americas: homelessness, education, ... - Resultado da Pesquisa de livros do Google
de Roslyn Arlin Mickelson - 2000 - Social Science - 300 páginas
... of two specific bodies with different functions, the Municipal Children's Rights Councils and the Guardianship Council. The Municipal Children's Rights ...



Excerpt, from the above source slightly changed here and there...

   "The Child and Adolescent Statute stablishes a direct decision-making process that, in part, utilizes this direct participation representation by requiring that the decision-making bodies outlined in the statute be composed of representatives of non-governamental advocacy groups or grass-roots programs, as well elected officials.

    It shifts the responsibility  for child and welfare, rights and protection fromm the federal level to states, and mostly municipalities...

    The municipal children´s right councils is composed of elected officials and representatives of NGOs that work with child.

    The councils do not provide services, but rather act as point of entry into the children´s services system and as an advocate for children within the state and nongovernamental service system. 

     Members are directly elected by the comunities and the number of Guardianship Councils depends on the size of municipality.






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