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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/FEV/2004 1:01 AM
Assunto:  Re: to seek x to look for
Mensagem:  First off, here are the dictionary explanations: TO SEEK 1. To strive toward a goal: aim, aspire. Idioms: set one's sights on. See SEEK, START. 2. To make an attempt to do or make: assay, attempt, endeavor, essay, strive, try. Idioms: have a go at, have (or make) (or take) a shot at, have (or take) a whack at, make a stab at, take a crack at. See TRY. 3. To endeavor to obtain (something) by expressing one's needs or desires: ask (for), request, solicit. See REQUEST. 4. To try to find something: cast about, hunt, look, quest, search. See SEEK. TO LOOK FOR To look forward to confidently: anticipate, await, bargain for or (on), count on, depend on or (upon), expect, wait (for). Informal : figure on And some examples: When I seek something I have an objective that I have to meet. I’m seeking a job that will pay me a lot of money. I’m seeking your daughter’s hand in matrimony, may I please marry her? John is seeking the easiest way to tell his parents that he crashed the family car. When I look for something I expect something to happen. I’m looking for someone to offer me a new job, sure I’m seeking one but have no hopes unless someone comes through for me. Margie was looking for her lost diamond ring yesterday. I think it fell down the sink drain. I’m looking for cooperation from all of my students this semester. I always look for the best in everyone and I’m not often disappointed.

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to seek x to look for  –  Sergio Buchalla  24/FEV/2004, 9:02 PM
 Re: to seek x to look for  –  Tom  25/FEV/2004, 1:01 AM

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