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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  31/DEZ/2002 1:57 AM
Assunto:  Brazilian Portuguese and Camões
Mensagem:  Dear Miguel We can say that the differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Euro-Portuguese (Portugal-Portuguese would sound kind of cacophonous!) is somehow like American English and British English, not considering that the two variants of Portuguese are more different thant their Anglosaxon conterparts but just refering to the fact that Brazil, like the US, has changed its language more than other Portuguese colonies and the US more than other British colonies (not to mention the criole phenomenon), maybe this happened because the relatively short period (The US even shorter) of colony status of these countries. What I can say is that in Brazilian Portuguese we pronounce the vogais more clearly than Euro-Portuguese, so we have less vogais than they have. (I don't remember how to write Vogal in English and I'll not take the dictionary because soon I'll go to bed), and Brazilian Portuguese has incorporated some African words to its vocabulary (moleque= tomboy , is one) and Indian words (mainly city names as Piracicaba= the place where fish stop), we say dezessete and in Portugal is dezAssete, we write 'comumente' they write 'comummente' I believe that Brazilian Portuguese is more distant to Euro-Portuguese than American to British English because Brazil does not exchange media and modern literature as Americans and British do; at least in Portugal people see many of our soap operas but I have never seen so far any Portuguese programme or film (although there are two Portuguese acting in two soap operas here in Brazil, but that would be the beginning of a long process). Dear Patrick Camões can be compared to Shakespeare. He is considered the greatest Portuguese poet and writer of all time. His book 'Os Lusíadas' (the Portuguese People) tell the histories about the Portuguese pioneer navigators (when Vasco da Gama reached India and returned with a profile in about 5000%, according to my History teacher, Portugal had for a short period an influence and power as England had in the 19th century and The US has now, and then the Portuguese king declined a guy named Cristóvão Colombo..but that's another story). :) José Roberto

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