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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/FEV/2004 3:03 PM
Assunto:  Re: NEW JERSEY - Algum preconceito?
Mensagem:  Well, he's right about the Turnpike. It was one of the first toll roads in the US that cut right across a state. The bad part is when you have to drive past the oil refineries. Sure does stink to high heavens!! New Jersey has a funny law. When you are getting gas for your car you can not fill the tank yourself. You have to let the gas station attendant do it. That's the law. I had been living overseas and went to NJ on vacation. Driving a rental car I pulled into a gas station in Newark, hopped out and started to fill the tank. A guy came running over towards me....waving his arms, all excited and yelling "Alto! Pare! Está proibido llenar su coche. Permita-me....etc." Good thing I knew what he was saying. All of the attendants were from Mexico or Honduras. They said that drivers of cars didn't know how to hold the hose right and they let gasoline fumes escape into the atmosphere. Only trained personnel could hold the hose and it's cup-like funnel up against the side of the car in a proper manner. So, I lethim give me a tank of gas and then drove to my sister's house at the seashore. I wonder if they still have that law? Tom

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