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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/JUL/2009 6:52 PM
Assunto:  Back to swing.

   The Mayor of Lexington Avenue_By James Sheehan.  pp. 296-297.


   "And what you have to threaten me?"  Richards had obviously played this game before. He wanted to see Jack´s cards.

   Jack took a small tape recorder out of his pocket and turned it on.  Bob Richards heard his own voice on a telephone tape recorder telling Jack at one point that he thougt Rudy was innocent and, in the next moment, that he couldn´t do anything about it for political reasons. Richards already knew about Geronimo Cruz´s confession because Jack had sent him and every judge on the Florida Supreme Court a videotape of it, along whit the DNA test results. He imediatelly put two and two together. If the public found out that the State of Florida had killed an innocent man and that he, the governor, had believed that man to be innocent but had refused to act for policital reasons, he was finished.

   Richards came out swinging...


   The governor´s demeanor turned on a dime. His anger faded like a light on a dimmer switch.   Why are you doing this Jack?


   Guys, I think then, I was misled.  But no problem, it´s me.



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