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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  21/JUL/2009 12:19 PM
Assunto:  crime

   Lapse is one term that I have seen at -->
   InglêsPortuguês 1-1 de 1Tradução Inglês-Portuguêsto lapse {v.} [jur.] prescrever {v.} [jur.]
   Frases de exemplo (inglês) para "to lapse":
   The Clinton administration imposed a ban on several types of military-style semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines in 1994, but that ban was allowed to lapse in 2004. (CNN.com)


   More examples, but here it seems that you can also replace "lapse" for "expire" (close to the meaning of 'expiration/expire (UK)' of passports, that is, losing the validity.
   In Portuguese 'acabar a validade'.
   I am saying this because I have seen 'expire' in the Proz site as an answer, but was not provided any example.
   In short, if one word is to be chosen, I think lapse is the closest to our 'prescrever'.


   Em português - Prescrever - Ficar sem efeito legal devido (extinção de uma obrigação ou direito por não ser ter exercido durante um determinado tempo/pelo não exercício em um determinado período de tempo.



   Human Rights
   India -
   The special task force established by the state police forces of Karnataka and Tamil
Nadu to capture a bandit hiding in forests in the border area between the 2 states had
arrested some 121 persons under the TADA prior to the law's lapse; 51 of these persons still were in custody at year's end. (references)


   India -
   In comparison, 1,413 suspected militants were arrested, and 1,080 militants
surrendered in 1999. The Government was unable to provide complete statistics for
the number of persons held under special security laws in the northeastern states,
but acknowledged that 43 persons were in detention under the National Security Act
as of 1998.    Although the Government allowed the Terrorist and Disruptive Practices
(Prevention) Act (TADA) to lapse in 1995, one human right organization credibly
reported that more than 1,000 persons remained in detention awaiting prosecution
under the law. (references)

    Note: In the UK 'prescrever' as known in Brazil didn´t exist, take the case of Mr. Ronaldo Biggs as an example.    In our country he would take advantage of ageing (I don´t know how is the age, I think it´s sixty (something like that, or around that).
   But, even so, he chose to hand himself to the UK´s police. Rio´s health system scares everybody...
   Take this commentary as a preliminary one, further comments are welcome from natives or experts in the subject, even a guy that gave an interview for 500 R$ each...

   In other developed countries I don´t know.

   Hey guys, glad to come here, I can see the light at the end of tunnel.
   Things are better now, thanks God.
   Though I am very busy, at least at home there was a certain betterment. Now I work better.
   I have to study for the test, it sucks...I like English and I come here by sheer stuborness, what can I do? I like English most,he he.    Bye bye.


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