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Autor:  N.N
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/JUL/2009 5:09 AM
Assunto:  Aman - Strategies for learning
Mensagem:  Hi Aman,
I do believe people have different learning styles and the best way is the one that – as in my case – makes you to want more.

Music won't do for me because I get lost in the melody and this takes my mind away from the words and their meaning. This happens to me in Portuguese and in English. I would have to read the lyrics and then sing along. I need to have a feel for what has been said in order to get immersed in the content. But for others it is a great medium for learning and they can even memorise the words without seeing it written first.

I think one has to find the best learning strategies by checking immersion, curiosity and wanting more depth and breath. This I say as a teacher and a learner. I love speaking different languages and I think that finding one's own ways is part of the fun.



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