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Autor:  Juliano
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/FEV/2004 12:50 PM
Assunto:  Re: NEW JERSEY - Algum preconceito?
Mensagem:  Sorry, my dear I might have hurt your feelings. Your English eyes are too sensitive to read such a monstrous thing like "There're a myriad of national origins in NJ" and still keep your apples intact. If you are more preoccupied with your writing/reading skills, try to read this: T-A-K-E I-T E-A-S-Y B-U-D-D-Y, W-E A-R-E H-U-M-A-N-S, A-L-L T-O-O H-U-M-A-N-S. If you can't make meaning in your mind, it's not my problem but yours. After all, are we that perfect when we talk? Are you that perfect with your English speaking skills? Next time I'll send you an eye washer attached to my posting, is it fair to your? Tip: don't look at the sun too much. Juliano

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