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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/AGO/2009 9:57 PM
Assunto:  Anglicismos



No bias here but Brazilians studying English in Brazil usually have terrible pronounciation even when trying to speak English correctly.


A student in a ESL environment living and experiencing first hand the language and culture he/she is learning about has more chances of  pronouncing more closely to the native sounds than the student in a EFL class having 2 hours a week of contact with the target language. The ESL student typically stays in class for 12 to 15 hours Mon thru Thurs.


When I learned how to read in Portuguese, back in the mid-70's I was taught to read connecting syllables.


B + o = Bo

L + a = La




And so on


But the child who is educated in an English speaking country starts out with 3-letter words but anyway the process teaches "full words" instead of symply teaching how to connect syllables.


Then the Brazilian student carries along that tendency of trying to read English the same way he/she would read Portuguese - connecting syllables.


Words like "popular" in English would be "pô-piú-lár" instead of  the subtle "pahp-iulér".


Anyway put a native speaker from Australia in the same room with a guy from Wisconsin and watch while they probably won't misunderstand each other they might as well laugh at each other's accent.


Way back when I thought that by now, nearing 2010, we Brazilians would make use of the vast amount of resources such as  the internet, cable tv, dvd's, more people travelling abroad, and so forth and we the grown up between 25 - 35 or older would at least be able to carry on small talk in English.


But I don't see that happening I just see a lot of people in Brazil giving excuses why their English is so "horribly bad".


Blame they will the lack of "didática" of their teachers that "não sabem ensinar", "falta de tempo", "só aprende quem mora fora", etc.



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