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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/AGO/2009 6:01 PM
Assunto:  Anglicismos



I do respect your opinion.


You are a very kind person, but I will politely disagree with something you wrote.


Look at the European immigration in Southern Brazil and you can't tell who is Brazilian or European rather by their looks, or bank account balance sometimes because we all know that the immigrants in Brazil prospered way more than the locals.


"If you go to France, for example, you can’t tell who is Portuguese and who is French. ... Here in Canada same thing, you can’t tell who is Portuguese and who is Canadian."


It depends if those immigrants you refer too are 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation.


I love Nelly Furtado, but I can't say she's Portuguese, she's was born in BC Canadá and her parents are from Azores.


I've been to France and the one person who was a life save for me in France was a Portuguese maid at the hotel I stayed, she was very kind, she went out of her way, took me to a train/metro station, bought tickets for me, gave me a map of the transportation system in Paris and she spoke Frech  fluently but since I don't speak French I can't say about her accent, but I am indeed very grateful even to this day for Maria's help in the heart of Paris.


"Australia for example, it’s younger than Brazil. The educational system there is better than it is in Brazil."


Well, isn't that why we have G7 and G8 countries and then comes the G20 countries, not say first world and third world or better developing countries.


Of course Australia has a much better, no comparison, educational system than Brazil.


We are some 35 years behind not only in education but in educational laws.


MEC won't even validate higher education diplomas obtained abroad.


Comparisons with this or that won't take us anywhere really!


We have been comparing Brazil with other countries for the last

60 years and we as country are still stuck in the old ways of doing things.


When close family members compare Brazil with the other countries where my relatives live at I say "what do you expect, do you expect a third world country to offer the same kink of living conditions you'd find in a first world country?"


That's why Brazil is the way it is - maybe it'll be different if ever it makes the rank and becomes a first world country.

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