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Autor:  Sidney
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/AGO/2009 6:42 PM
Assunto:  Anglicismos

Hi Fran,


You’re completely right in everything you said. The only thing I was trying to say was,  I believe some people can learn a language better them others. It’s not because there are many Portuguese people around the world that they speak well. Otherwise, the Chinese people would be the first nation to speak all language perfectly.


Now, do you think that we can learn Spanish better than Germans? Or don’t you think that a Cantonese can learn Mandarin better and faster than Bolivians?


I love Brazil, I’ve been promoting Brazil over the years. Everywhere I go I always say, “You should go to Brazil!”. But we should be realistic and fair.
When people ask me which place is better to live I always tell them, depends what you want for you. Canada is safer, but the food, weather, are awful.
There’s no “win-win” situation. As same Brazil has many down points so does Canada.


Honestly, I don’t know exactly what happens when it comes for learn a language. To be more specific, English.
I have so many friends that have been studying English for ages but they just can’t speak. They pay expensive schools, some go abroad, still, they can’t speak. I’d say that from 50 of my friends, only one can speak English.


There in Curitiba, I have few friends that could speak really well. But most of them had travelled already.


I wonder how a nation can become bilingual. Here, the second language French it’s a lie. Only people from Quebec can speak both language equally…other than that, it’s the same “9 grade story”. “I learnt French in the 9 grade, but I forgot”.


Well, I promise I’ll stop now.  I’m sorry if I upset or annoyed you in any way. I’m really proud to be Brazilian no matter how “3rd world” we are.



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