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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  28/AGO/2009 4:22 PM
Assunto:  Velório.

   In the northeast region of Brazil (in the interior of it), there was this habit of a wake with alcohol comsuption (or wathever strong drinks available), the entire family of the deceased was to gather as well.  A lively conversation took place, anedoctes and stories were told (some even about the person that was laying in the casket). And not always he/she necessarily was depicted in his/her best deeds.

   Children played around, slept, cried, asked for food etc.

   You could say that it was a festive meeting of sorts, even people that ween´t from the family, but knew someone from it would regard themselves automatically invited.

    At a certain point, a kid was invited to help put a candle in the hand of the late person, meaning that he/she would get his path iluminated. I remember would have chanting, mainly performed by women.

    Hardly somebody would cry, apart from the time he would be buried.

    Today, the times changed and since people aren´t used to die at the age of 98, 100, or more habits have changed.  Plus, the atendees are pressed to be anywhere else, thus there are plenty of difference in numbers, and the ceremony itself.

    Even so, in some towns you can see, for example, a car (kombi or similar) that is equiped with a loudspeaker and a person announces to all citizens that so and so died, please the burial is to be attended at a certain hour of a given day.

    Once, a friend of mine was travelling from Rio to Joao Pessoa and in a certain town he stopped (with his family) for dinner, and the kombi passed by making such announcement, his wife automatically lose the appetite (you know, culture shock!).

    There are more details, but not to be lenghty, I stop here.




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