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Autor:  Tiago T.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/AGO/2009 10:39 PM
Assunto:  mayor/principal
Mensagem:  Hey PPAULO,

I'm not sure I follow you. I didn't mean to take anything personally or criticize anyone. I'm sorry if I gave this impression. Participating in this forum is in fact a "chill out" moment to me! No resentments or raised blood pressures...

Just to make things clear, I wrote my post before reading yours. I was just trying to explain my own post to Dale. It was not related to your post at all! In fact, I agree with you: "pronomes de tratamento" are sometimes too formal. Specially if you are talking about a small town and if you know the person you're addressing.

I hope you accept my apologies!


P.S.: Just out of curiosity, do I sound reproachful when I write in English? I'm asking because this is not the first time someone finds my writing "rude" when I had no intention of being unpolite or reproachful:


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