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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/AGO/2009 9:45 PM
Assunto:  Peso

   Índice de Qualidade do Produto - Meta: 95% (mínimo) - Peso no IQF: 50%


   Still in this light, I think that it could be said that the 'weight  of the Product Quality Index in the IQF (another index or what? well, don´t worry about it anyway.) is of fifty percent.


   Yet, the way you put the equation here, sounds like you had another math sentence, let´s say, (theoretically here)  x = IPQ - meta - peso no IQF



   Or it would be:   x = IQP - .95  - .5

   Bah, humbug! this way don´t makes any sense as well.

   Could you tell us where did you found this one? Maths is okay to me, but divine a missing incognita is too much to my old and battered head...







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