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Autor:  N.N
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/SET/2009 5:07 AM
Assunto:  Coffee - how about tea?

Hello there

Dale, I can't resist. Here is tale of my travels across the States with a group of foreigners many years ago.

We were travelling from NY to SF. There were two English gentlemen who would go to any length to prepare a cup of tea (hot tea with a dash of milk) at least once a day. Sometimes they even had to make it themselves using a camping stove. Needless to say that the rest of us were forever amused. Endless teasing!

We reached Kentucky, a hillbilly place. We went for breakfast in a rundown diner and placed the orders. The two Englishmen ordered tea. The waitress was nonplussed by this group of weirdoes speaking English with different accents. She brought two iced tea in tall plastic cups (like the ones for milkshake) and plonked it on the table. The expression of horror on the two men's faces was so hilarious that I never forgot it — a bit like  in The Scream, the painting. In shock, they told her they wanted hot tea with milk, to which she said: "No problem, Sir. I'll put it in the microwave. They left the restaurant and Kentucky and never returned.

Have a good day.


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