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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/SET/2009 5:51 PM
Assunto:  Coffee - how about tea?

  Yes Sidney, Brazilian drink half and half...or at least they like the taste of the milk

in the coffee (so, the less the milk´s ratio, the less it taste.)

   The meaning of it is, the strong taste of coffee is to be 'softened'.

   In other words, some mere drops isn´t enough.

   Plus, coffee is used to maintain people awake (drivers and students, for example), but it attacks digestive organs, milk diminishes its 'toxic' effect.

   Milk is so medicinal, that they use it to litghten the effect of paints, when painters are going to paint ships, cars etc. which particles or vapors are highly toxic.




   Ah, once again, feel free to correct my piece of text.  I wrote, perhaps, in a more informative way than in a 'natural' one.  That´s it. 



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