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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/SET/2009 7:30 PM
Assunto:  to PPAULO, feedback



I think your English is really growing. I want to congratulate you on that!


These are just a few lines to let you know that I am impressed, in a very positive way, with you English... And no I am not trying to be "paternalistic" ( LOL ). 


May I kindly point out a few things? I am not an expert, I am also a learner : )


In other words, may I offer you "a peer review"?


[ peer reviews are very common in the American educational system, before essays goes to the instructor's hands it passes through your "peers" who will then give you input and feedback in the material you have written ]


The words below are from that thread where NN asked about the use of the word "network" in Portuguese:


"Wow! "divulgadora, promotora" these were the words that were flying over my head like fruit flies, but not wishing to land at all.
     One would say that you knew it the whole time (kidding you, don´t take me seriously...)"

   "Every language and places have its differences, and when somebody try to translate from one to the other, is where the problem begins...
    Here´s where the experience counts, the more time you live abroad the more you get acquainted to with the culture, and translating is about culture ( I absolutely loved this sentence because you you used words that tell me you are thinking in English), it is both verbal and  non-verbal communication. and the verbal one.
      Many people think that at this point he learned English, others would just say "you ain´t seen nothing yet..." PP.


Maybe others will also want to offer a peer review "of my review", and I sure hope they do!






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