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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/SET/2009 3:08 PM
Assunto:  Bidding

  I don´t think so, but being a basic student I can´t assure you in a 100% way.

 My hunch for the time is "Procurement Service" or "Purchasing Service" (of an organization.


  Take a look in the Internet, and let´s wait confirmation or further details provided by

our more advanced students.



   Purchase or procurement officer - a person whose job is to choose suppliers and agree contracts with them to provide the equipment, materials or service that are used by a company.  Source:  Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English.








Confidentiality of Price Information

As required by University policy, all bids, quotations, purchase order copies,
 and other types of correspondence that indicate prices for items and services,
 whether in possession of Purchasing Services or other University departments,
 are confidential and may be revealed to other suppliers only by Purchasing Services.
 It is further the policy of Penn State for Purchasing Services to reveal only the
 lowest bidder and corresponding price in competitive bid situations.



What kinds of purchases are subject to the bidding process?

All acquisitions over $5000.00 in value are subject to competitive bidding. This is to ensure that the University gains the best possible price within the context of legal and purchasing directives, while practicing open and fair business policy. Purchases less than $5000.00 may be bid at the discretion of Procurement Services where competition warrants such action.



The Simplified Bidding Process may be performed by departments or will be performed by
 Purchasing Services . Departments may RECOMMEND awards to Purchasing Services. Simplified
 bidding performed by departments will be subject to review by Purchasing Services which
 may elect to solicit additional bids to assure the requirement for competitive bidding has
 been met. Official award will be made by Purchasing Services.



75% of Firms Incorporate CSR into Procurement Bidding Process


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