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Autor:  fran
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Data:  04/SET/2009 6:16 PM
Assunto:  Bidding

licitação = invitation for a bid


bid proposal = proposta de oferta


purchasing department = depto. de compras


"procurement department" = depto. de compras mediante contratos [ termos mais utilizado em organizações "gigantes" tais como o governo ]




Procurement vs. Purchasing.


‘purchasing’ was still viewed by much of the business world as an administrative function, linked back to order management.


‘procurement’ steps away from the transactional side and is seen as more of a strategic function.


Here is a excerpt from the article ‘Talent Scouts’ which will be featured in the next edition of the European Leaders In Procurement magazine.


Manja Thiry There is a lot of confusion over this. The terms “procurement” and “purchasing” have been used interchangeably.

"David Cowell:  The meaning is very similar. But we’ve moved to a different wording to identify a change in the organisation.


A few years ago we were known as purchasing but we consciously decided to use the word procurement.


It meant we were going to be strategic, we were going to do things differently and be part of the business connected to the other functions.


One way of getting people’s attention to this was to change the name. But having done that, purchasing, by definition, becomes the transactional piece and procurement becomes the strategic piece.

Tom de Bruin It’s all part of making the role and function more sexy, of establishing a brand to attract talent.






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