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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/SET/2009 6:30 PM
Assunto:  expressoes - ficar



I have had a good laugh reading the sentence: "Her parents only allowes us to to make out on the living room couch".


I also liked this explanation found on Wikipedia:


"Making out means different things to different age groups in different parts of the U.S.


 It typically involves kissing, including prolonged, passionate kissing (also known as French kissing), intimate contact, including heavy petting or other forms of foreplay.


Making out is usually considered an expression of affection or sexual attraction to a current or prospective sexual partner.


An episode of making out is frequently referred to as a make-out session or a make-out sesh depending on the speaker's vernacular.


I have also seen the abbreviation NCMO, for "Non-Committal Make-out." which is the American English version of the Portuguese "Ficar".



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