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Autor:  Bronzo
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/SET/2009 4:45 AM
Assunto:  face value

'But to take Madonna AT FACEVALUE is to misunderstand one of the most complex and intelligent female stars os the past two decades.'


The explanations of the concept ‘face value’ already given are, of course, entirely accurate – Surely there’s an equivalent in Port Braz version of precisely the same meaning given that the expression has Latin roots?


As for your question: what does the writer mean?  The closer you look the less clear it is – probably it is best to describe it as an example of ‘journalese’ – the structure of the writing is more important than the meaning – it’s just a rhetorical blurb.


Because, when you think about, does the ‘facevalue’ of a ‘star’ exist?  Aren’t they merely a representation / a projected image / a stage creation / a clown / a freak show? Just think of the M Jackson phenomena. Is there anything behind the mask?


But, this guy’s getting paid to write x number of words and you can’t just say: ' Madonna is one of the most complex and intelligent female stars os the past two decades.'


You have to set up a juxtaposition, a dynamic, the journalist has to invent a tension upon which to hang his article.  Therein lies the meaning ...

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