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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/SET/2009 11:22 PM
Assunto:  Maionese-Que alívio!



You are very kind! Thank you!


No, I am not a teacher, not anymore.


I used to teach ESL but I decided to make a career change.


The teaching is still in my I just can't deny it, but what I thought

was to become a very enjoyable and pleasant experience for

both the teacher and the student became more of a burden.


In Brazil many, maybe most, of the students want just to "advance levels", their main concern is to finish their English language course, get a certificate and tell their friends and family that they are done with their English, and the reason why, as they say, that they "haven't learned anything and that they don't speak English is because their teacher(s) didn't know how to teach, or the "method" was "weak", the "school wasn't modern enough", etc.


I just got sick and tired of all the student B.S.


Here and then I still teach very close friends who are willing to accept my methods and ideas and are willing to sort go through a bootcamp not really worrying about following lessons in a book.


Some students have what it takes.


I'd say that only 2 - 3 % of all ESL students have what it takes to really learn communicative ( ESL ) English, the other 97 - 98 % don't - they simply don't put forth the real effort.


English is not Chinese.


English is simple enough, same alphabet, lots of access these days to an incredible variety of media as well as lots of interaction between people from different countries through the internet.


But the good 'ol Brazilian, as well as the latinos in general as quite full of excuses.


That's why I changed careers.


It was hard at first because teaching had sort of become an addiction.


Also the schedule is not the best there is because most people can only take lessons between 6pm to 9 or 10pm.


Most schools won't even hire teachers if they don't have that time available for the school.


When friends of mine are somewhat desperate trying to sharpen their job skills interview before a job opportunity at some international company, etc. they usually come and ask for help.


In a very big way EMB does help me in many areas where I am still weak.


Thanks again for your kindness.

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